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Skin, hair, nails - beauty comes from within

True beauty comes from within! Strong, full-bodied hair, healthy skin and firm fingernails are signs of vitality and natural beauty. A good supply of the body's own vital substances also plays a decisive role here, because, due to their constant renewal and growth, the skin, hair and nails cells deliver peak performance day in and day out.

Hair, for instance, grows at the rate of 1 centimeter per month. Extrapolated to all of a person's hair, this would mean a hair growth of 30 meters per day!
This task, of course, requires sufficient nutrients and bioactive substances that we have to make sure are included in our food. So, with a healthy diet, we can support Beauty from Within.

Hyaluronic acid - healthy skin needs moisture

The transparent, gel-like hyaluronic acid is a natural component of our skin.
The endogenous substance is produced within the subcutaneous connective tissue cells themselves. Due to its chemical structure, hyaluronic acid is capable of binding large quantities of water to the body.
An impressive example of this is the eye. Up to 98 % of the vitreous body consists of water which is bonded by only 2 % hyaluronic acid!

Hyaluronic acid can serve our skin as a form of filler between the individual skin cells. Large amounts of water can be bonded in this way – moisture our skin needs for a healthy and firm appearance.

The hyaluronic acid content decreases with age! Unfortunately, the amount of hyaluronic acid in our body decreases as we get older. Its endogenous production begins to decline from the age of about 25. Our skin thus loses essential moisture that is, however, needed for a healthy and strong appearance.

Functions of the skin:

  • Protection from physical impacts
  • Immune protection through its acid mantle
  • Sensory organ through its tactile corpuscles
  • "Air-conditioning" through regulated perspiration
  • Self-protection from UV radiation

Biotin - Vitamin H for hair and skin

The B vitamin biotin fulfills many functions in the human body. It is, among other things, important for the normal metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.
What biotin is known for, however, is the important role it plays in keeping skin and hair healthy.

Because of its positive influence on hair and hide (skin),
it is also known as "Vitamin H". The cells need biotin for producing the protein keratin. The reason it is so important is that keratin forms the basic substance of our hair. Keratin is required for building cell structures and is, therefore, also regarded as a structural protein. Keratin gives hair and skin a healthy, firm appearance and, in addition, helps build a protective corneal layer on the hair. So, biotin is rightfully considered the Beauty Vitamin!

Many food products contain biotin, however, often only in small quantities. Moreover, the vitamin is very sensitive to heat and is quickly destroyed by cooking. Biotin sources include offal such as liver and kidney, as well as egg yolk, fish, soy products and nuts.

Copper - adds color to your hair!

At first, most people associate copper only with the metal. But indeed, copper also counts among the trace elements our body needs for many metabolic processes.
Among other things, hair cells need it for forming the pigment melanin.
And melanin is responsible for the hair's natural color. So, copper contributes to maintaining the normal hair color and, moreover, fulfills important functions for maintaining the body's normal connective tissue.
Here, too, the principle applies: Ensure sufficient dietary intake of copper, as the human body itself cannot produce it. Foods with a high copper content are nuts, avocados, whole-grain products and dried fruit.